These programs will help the students train and become a more product to their community. While also teaching them trade skills that they can use in the daily life or evening grow into becoming Self-Employed once they have completed schooling. Many times, the neighborhoods these children grow up in are dilapidated, have no resources, and limit the ability of those within to thrive and become productive. If you build on the knowledge financial responsibility, education, etiquette, and teach trades the student become educated about the different options and choose a better path.

Citizen De-Escalation

In this program we will work in the neighbor as a grass root effort as well as with the public safety divisions of public schools system to enhance the way the students/youth interactive in their daily life. This program is devised by a national certified Saint Louis City Metropolitan Police Officer Sargent Donnell Walters. Sgt Walters will work with our team to help teach this program school safety officer and our team of social workers will work with the children to show them how to handle issues without a violent end result. This will not only benefit the student but decrease the amount of time the principals within a school will work on discipline issues. The principals will now be able to focus on enrich the educational experience.


Sunday, November 17, 1:00 PM


5 Floor, NO134, ABC Street.

Monday, November 12, 6:00 PM


Chelsea Wine Bar, NO134, ABC Street.