Founded in 2019

Marie’s World Inc. is a youth servicing organization designed to decrease gun violence. We provide support and guidance to youth and young adults ages 8-24 years old in the development of life skills to succeed and be a positive influence in their homes, schools, and communities while helping strengthen the family unit.

Marie’s World Inc. are group of people who take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently to achieve measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and, most of all, the less privilege children and youth within the St. Louis community.We are committed to improving the lives of homeless children/orphans/less privilege andsuffering children on the street through our resource, time, partner, fund raising and volunteers to bring them Education / Capacity Development and raising money for scholarships.


We are a non-profit organization whose aim is to be a primary support platform, a charity organization that give back to the inner city in St. Louis community with different events that benefit the growth and health of our children and youth through partners, volunteers and passionate individuals that fully participate in decision-making and programs leading to fund raising thereby creating a better world for the less privilege/children/youth within the community.

Marie’s World Inc. respect and value each other, thrive on our diversity, and work with partners, volunteers to raise fund and leverage our global strength in making challenge children feel love and live a better live. We believe our efforts together in the community can create a good atmosphere for the challenge children to pursue the dream. We are open to new ideas, embrace change, and take disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions for those children.

We're helping privilege/children/youth within the community.